Virtual Reality Headset

Product Code: SV-839VR
Virtual Reality Headset & 3D Video Game Glasses for 4.7” – 6” Android and Apple Smartphones.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Virtual Reality Experience, Throwing You Into Amazing 360O Virtual Adventures. Watch 3D Movies and Play Games Like Never Before
Compatible with iOS & Android Phones with 4.7”- 6.0” Touch Screens
Light Weight So You Can Play and Watch More Comfortably, Includes Room for Most Eyeglasses
Adjustable (PD) Pupil Distance (1.50”- 3.0”) for Better Viewing
Adjustable (FL) Focal Length (3.0”- 3.34”) for Better Viewing
Comfortable Fit: High Quality Adjustable Headset, Improved Nose Padding for Extra Comfort and Durability
Enjoy Real 3D Experience and 360O Degree Panoramic Views
Cooling Ventilation Slots Help to Prevent Your Smartphone from Getting Over Heated During Charging and Allows Connection for Earphones
Aspheric Optical Lens Design
High Transmittance Nano-Coating Technology
Made of ABS Strong and Durable Material

PACKAGING DIMENSIONS (in) 7.95 x 5.63 x 5.16


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