APN Setting

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iPhone and iPad APN Settings

If your carrier allows you to view the APN settings, you can find it on your device under these menus, according to Apple’s support document:

  • iPhone: Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

If your carrier does not allow you to change your APN on your iPhone or iPad, you might try a service/site like Unlockit NZ. Point your mobile browser at on the iPhone and follow the instructions. The site was developed so you could use unofficial SIM cards from other carriers on your Apple device.

Android APN Settings

Go to Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Android and iOS APN Setting

Another resource for both iOS and Android devices is the APNchangeR project, where you can find cellular carrier settings or prepaid data info by country and operator.

Windows Phone:

Go to Settings

Windows Phone:

Go to Settings > Cellular > Add Internet APN > Enter the information  for each field

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