Apps draining your battery

We wanted to share a list of Android apps that may be draining your battery, recently published by Verizon Wireless. These apps have been found to quickly drain your Android battery—up to nearly 4.5 times faster than your battery would normally deplete.

High Risk Android™ Apps

Occasionally we learn about apps in the Google Play™ Store that might have serious negative effects on your device. Examples of these effects could be:

  • Loss of functionality (e.g., loss of data connection)
  • Unexpected high data usage
  • Battery draining 2 or 3 times faster than normal
  • Security or privacy exposure

This page lists apps that may be especially risky for you to use at this time. We work regularly with app developers to help them fix problems with their apps, and apps are removed from this list as soon as the issues are fixed.

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