Setup Your iPhone


How to setup the APN for your Carrier: Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network. Open the Safari browser on your phone. Go to : Select Country Tap create APN Tap install now Tap Done. Restart your iPhone Example for Setup Net10 iPhone running iOS 6 Setup Net10 Web, Data and MMS for your…

Apps draining your battery


We wanted to share a list of Android apps that may be draining your battery, recently published by Verizon Wireless. These apps have been found to quickly drain your Android battery—up to nearly 4.5 times faster than your battery would normally deplete. High Risk Android™ Apps Occasionally we learn about apps in the Google Play™ Store that…

APN Settings –

[table id=4 /] iPhone and iPad APN Settings If your carrier allows you to view the APN settings, you can find it on your device under these menus, according to Apple’s support document: iPhone: Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network If your carrier does not allow you to change your APN on your iPhone or…